Right Choices

Making a difference in the lives of young girls through effective mentorship, personal growth enhancement, and collective impact. Collectively We Can Make the Difference.


Through holistic role modeling and mentoring, significance is placed on academic excellence, social responsibility, emotional stability and cultural acuity in our curriculum and exposure outings.

Our Mission

Women In The Making’s target audience is from 10 to 18 years of age. WIM will focus on role modeling and development of life skills to increase the success of minority females by providing lifelong learning, enrichment and exposure opportunities throughout Pinellas County with emphasis on:

Critical Thinking

Excellence in thought must be systematically cultivated.

Public Speaking

Improving communication skills is helpful in every area of life.

Problem Solving

A problem is an opportunity for improvement.

Community Service

Giving instills pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment.


Exposure to new environments stimulates thought and reinforces lessons. 


Fellowship with like-minded, forward-thinking peers, incites personal development.